6th Grade Glow Party
September 27th, 2019, 3:45 – 5:30 pm
GMS Cafeteria & Commons Area



What is the 6th

Grade Glow Party?

The 6th Grade Glow Party is an annual gathering, hosted by the PTA (for the 6th graders only) to socialize, have fun, eat and dance (a DJ is included) – in a safe environment. This year’s theme is “Glow Party”.

2019 6th Grade Glow Party.png


Does my student have to buy a wristband before the Glow Party? 

Yes, if your student is planning to attend the event they will need to purchase a wristband online or during lunch. However, this is not a mandatory event. Wristband sales will be advertised for online purchase and during 6th grade 'A' lunch period prior to event.

How does my student get a wristband? 

Online wristband sales for 2019 will run September 16th through September 23rd prior to the event on Friday September 27th for $5.00.  Wristbands from online purchases will be distributed and put on the student during the 6th grade 'A' lunch period September 25th through September 27th. If the wristband is lost prior to the event, email the Socials Coordinators.  


Wristband table sales for 2019 will occur during the 6th grade 'A' lunch period for $5.00 September 25th through September 27th, 10:54 am – 11:24 am.  Wristbands will be put on the student at time of purchase. If lost prior to the event, email Socials Coordinators.  

Where can my student buy glow items?

Glow items, such as bracelets (2 for $1.00) and necklaces ($1.00 each) will be available for sale the same time the wristbands are for sale during the 6th grade 'A' lunch period.

All table sales are made via cash or a check made payable to the 'GMS PTA'.

Disclaimer: By purchasing a wristband for the 6th Grade Glow Party, you authorize the GMS PTA to take photographs of your child during the event. Any photographs taken may be displayed on a shared link (password required) through the GMS Newsgroup, and you hereby release and hold harmless Gorzycki Middle School, Gorzycki PTA volunteers and any third parties from liability. 


6th Grade Glow Party FAQs

How should my child dress? 

Students are encouraged to decorate a shirt, a hat or themselves for the event. Remember we will be using black lights so we recommend using a glow-in the dark or black light reactive paint/accessories.  Shirts/ hats will need to be decorated at home prior to the event. (School dress code applies at school and during event).

Are cell phones allowed in the event?
No, students are not allowed cell phones during the event. (For student privacy and safety)

Where will my student store their school/personal items? (Backpacks, purses, etc…)
Students will leave all school and personal items in their school lockers. Prior to release, students will return to their locker and gather their personal items from their lockers. 

Can parents or siblings attend? 
For the safety of the students, only 6th grade students and volunteers that have signed up will be allowed in the event. 

What will be served? 
Pizza (including gluten and nut free) and cheese/pepperoni rolls will be served; snack station will include SkinnyPop, Philly Swirl Ice Cream Cups, and grapes (all gluten and nut free items); drinks will include soda, Gatorade, and water.

My child has food allergies. Can I bring food for them? 
Yes, we would encourage anyone who has a student with food allergies or issues to bring or send food for their student. Please label the container with the student’s name and drop it off in office the afternoon of the event. 

Can I donate to the event or volunteer? 
Yes of course!  Click here to donate items, money, and/or for volunteers opportunities.

If you wish to donate money in lieu of donating drink/snack items, to assist with prizes, or to donate a wristband, please follow the below instructions to donate online or with cash/check: 

To donate online in the 'Wristband' field enter the donation amount and add a note ‘donation’ or ‘scholarship’ in the 'first name' field. 


To donate using cash or a check write a note on the envelope or piece of paper to alert the volunteer at the Glow Party Lunch Sales table that you would like to make a donation in addition to buying a wristband. For example you can write 'One Wristband + $5.00 donation'. 

As a volunteer or someone who wants to make a donation, what do I need to do?
Click here for volunteer and donation instructions.


Where do I pick up my child after the Glow Party?

To pick up your student you must enter the school property through the front and follow the directional signs to drive to the back and around the school. Students will be released through the back cafeteria doors. Do not enter the parking lot through the Gym/West Entrance at the rear of the school.  Click here to view the Pick up route for the GMS 6th Grade Social.


Can I pick up my child early?

Yes, however this must be pre-arranged with the school and the student must obtain an early release slip from the office on the morning of the event. Parent/Guardians must come to the back cafeteria doors to retrieve your student.


Email any questions to the PTA Social Coordinators.