Volunteer/Donation Instructions

Specific requests for donated items and areas for volunteers with time frame slots are listed on the signup. No substitutions on requested snack items to align with the nut-free policy.

If you wish to donate money in lieu of donating drink/snack items, to assist with prizes, or to donate a wristband, please follow the below instructions to donate online or with cash/check: 

To donate online in the 'Wristband' field enter the donation amount and add a note ‘donation’ or ‘scholarship’ in the 'first name' field. 


To donate using cash or a check write a note on the envelope or piece of paper to alert the volunteer at the Glow Party Lunch Sales table that you would like to make a donation in addition to buying a wristband. For example you can write 'One Wristband + $5.00 donation'. 


Drop off items Wednesday through Thursday by the end of school or on Friday by 11:30 am in the Security Room (room 113) located just past the main office doors, one room past Faculty Center. OR on Friday from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Tiger Mart store located in the Commons.


We need a few ice chests.  Drop off in the Security room on the day of the event, Friday September 27 after 12:00 pm. Please label your ice chest with your name and phone number & make arrangements for someone to pick it up after the social.


Volunteers for wristband/glow items sales during lunch, check in at the front office and proceed to commons area for instructions from Coordinator. A cash box and wristbands will be ready to sell to students for $5.00 each as well as distributing and putting on wristbands for all online purchases. Glow items will also be available for sale.


BEFORE you volunteer make sure that you are signed up with the school prior to the event.  For the safety of the students, the school is a part of the "raptor" system. Take a minute and stop by the front Office and they will scan your license. It is a quick process, and once you are signed in, you will be able to volunteer with a quick sign-on and will not need to show ID.

Can I bring my younger child with me?
NO. We are sorry, but for safety and security reasons, this event is only for GMS 6th graders with wristbands and GMS Parent volunteers, no siblings.

Will I be able interact with my child?
Somewhat, this is an opportunity for your child to interact with his/her peers. We try to staff each area with enough volunteers so that everyone can enjoy the social and their kids! If your area is covered and coordinator releases you for a break, you can have some time with them, remember no photos please.


  • You will be sent a volunteer reminder via Sign-up Genius the day before the event.

  • It is easiest to park at the Gym Entrance/ West entrance of GMS. The front doors will lock at 4:00 pm. Use the first parking lot on your left and walk up the stairs to the cafeteria/commons doors. There is a buzzer there that you can push if someone isn't there to let you in

  • Check in at the front office to get a badge, then proceed to volunteer table to check-in and obtain a Socail Name Tag.  If it’s your first time, the office staff will scan your license.

  • At the volunteer table you will be directed to your signup location for instructions from area coordinator. 

  • Clean as you go.  Please help to keep your area clean throughout the event and encourage the students to clean up after themselves as well so that cleanup at the end of the event is quick and easy.



2:00 pm Check-In

Please check in at the front office and then head to the Commons area and look for the Socail coordinators. They will provide instructions for assistance.



2:00 pm Check-In

Once you check in at the Volunteer Table you will be directed to your area and given specific instructions by the coordinator for that area.



Photos can only be taken by the PTA Event Photographer amd designated photography volunteers.


5:00 pm Check-In

The GMS staff will help volunteers wave the cars in the right direction, so the traffic can move in and out as soon as possible. Traffic will be heavy but directional signs will be posted and neon vests will be available for volunteers. Help the kids to find their parent’s car to keep traffic moving.

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