Tiger Team Volunteer Instructions


Currently only 7th and 8th grade requires volunteer coverage for 'B' lunch from 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. and 'C' lunch from 12:36 p.m. - 1:06 p.m. 


  • On your volunteer day check-in at the office.  Be sure to bring your ID.  It will need to be scanned, if it hasn't not already been scanned.  

  • Proceed to the Tiger Mart to check-in and get a vest so you can be identified as a lunch volunteer.

  • Prior to student release for 'A' lunch outside time, get the cart of basketballs from the Tiger Mart and make sure the balls are inflated.  If balls need air, there is an air pump in the Tiger Mart under the far right cabinet across from the refrigerator. 

  • Once the balls are inflated, take the balls to the court.  The balls will stay out on the court until the end of ‘C’ lunch and will be returned by security to the Tiger Mart.  Per Dr. Mitchell no other balls are allowed outside.

  • Shifts begin in the Commons area.  Kids will be eating the first 10-15 minutes of lunch. The Assistant Principal will release students.  That is when the volunteer can move outside to monitor designated areas and “follow the crowd.”  

  • Once your shift is completed, be sure to check out at the front office.



  • Designated areas to monitor are in the plaza area, grassy area below the basketball courts and the basketball courts.   

  • Watch for and correct any inappropriate behavior such as foul or harassing language, bullying, roughhousing, etc.

  • Please keep interaction with students to a minimum and focus on monitoring all children for safety.

  •  For questions or assistance regarding the children, please ask officer or school monitors for clarity. 

  • Please be considerate and respectful of the children and GMS staff, if you happen to witness a sensitive situation.

  • If you feel a child is in danger at any time, please report immediately.

  • Remember, the school dress code policy applies to all volunteers on campus.  

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