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6th Grade Social: FAQ for Volunteers

Where should volunteers park?

It is easiest to park at the side/ West entrance of GMS. The front doors will lock at 4pm.


Can I bring my younger child with me?

NO. We are sorry, but for safety and security reasons, this event is only for GMS Parent volunteers and GMS 6th graders with wristbands.


Do I need to check in?

YES. See instructions.


Where do I go from there?

To your designated area. Each area should have a PTA coordinator for that area to point you in the right direction. All area volunteer instructions are listed below.


Will I be able interact with my child?

Yes. We try to staff each area with enough volunteers so that everyone can enjoy the social and their kids! If your area has slowed, please feel free to wander around or help out in another area, if needed.


Who cleans up?

We all do. Please help to keep your area clean and encourage the students to clean up after themselves as well. That way everyone gets to go home soon after the dance!


*Important volunteer detail – BEFORE you volunteer:

Please make sure that you are signed up with the school prior to the dance/ or any school event. For the safety of the students, the school is a part of the "raptor" system. If you are not already signed up - please take a minute and stop by the front Office and they will scan your license. It is a quick process, and once you are signed in, you will be able to volunteer for a while with the school. If you are already signed up with the school, you can skip this step.




You will be sent a volunteer reminder & your area instructions the day before the event.


Check in at the volunteer table and have a name tag during the event
Clean as you go – please help to keep your area clean throughout the night and encourage the students to clean up after themselves as well so that cleanup at the end of the dance is quick and easy. If you have time – please help take down any props in the cafeteria.
Need help – for any reason – look for a PTA coordinator or Administrative Staff
End of dance – if you have time, please help escort student down to their prospective rides so that traffic can move as quickly as possible.

TICKET (WRISTBAND) SALES – 6th Grade Lunch Period, 10:30am – 11:45am

Please check in at the front office. If you are NOT already signed up with the school (Raptor system), please come a few minutes early and bring your license for the office to scan.

Meet at 10:30am, on the cafeteria stage. There will be a list of 6th graders and of online purchases.  A cash box and wristbands will be ready to sell to students for $8 each as well as distributing and putting on wristbands for all online purchases. Any questions, contact her at:



Please check in at the front office and then head to the cafeteria and look for the social coordinator. She will have on site direction. Some things to do: set up tables in commons, fill ice chests with drinks, ready concession area, etc.



Drop off drinks: week of the event - from Wednesday - Friday: in AM until 11:30 or end of school - at Room 113 (ISS room just past main office doors, one room past Faculty Center) OR from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Tiger Mart store.
Ice Chests (borrowed): we need a few ice chest FILLED with ice and dropped off in the ISS room on Friday (event day), after 12 noon. Please label your ice chest with your name and phone number & make arrangements for someone to pick it up after the social.
Desserts-Please drop off in the ISS room on Friday (event day) after 12 noon.

VOLUNTEER CHECK IN, 3:15 – 5:15pm

Basically - greet volunteers, check them off of sign in list, give them name tag.

A table will be set up by the double doors over by the cafeteria. All volunteers will check in here. Check incoming volunteers off of the sign in list and hand them a name tag to fill in. The coordinator will lead volunteers over to their area and show them their designated coordinator. When this area is not busy, please help with any other areas/ students in need. Also, students might need to be escorted out to a parent. Please find your coordinator or escort the student out to the parent.


ITEM CHECK , 3:15 – 5:45pm

This area is crazy at the beginning of the event. Most of the 6th grade students will rush to Item Check to check in their cell phones, back packs, purses, instruments, etc. so that they can rush over to the cafeteria or food areas. Rows of volunteers will collect and label items and stack them behind a secure area. The coordinator will send out specific instructions prior to the social.


CONCESSIONS, 3:45 – 5:45pm

When you come into the concessions area, please help with: loading the sodas into the ice chests, setting up any food area, setting out napkins, etc. Servers will need to wear gloves.
Kids will be served 2 slices of pizza, 1 drink and one cupcake/cookies

FRONT DOOR, 3:30 – 4:30pm


The Area: the hallway by the front door/ office and the bathroom area.
To Do: At the start - make sure all students that enter the social have on a wristband. Guide them to ITEM CHECK. After 4pm – the front doors will be locked so students and volunteers will have to go out through the side double doors. Please make sure that no 6th grader leaves through the front door without a parent to pick them up.


The Area: the open space outside of the cafeteria, the bathroom area & the side door area.
Help students with any questions, guide them over to ITEM CHECK to check in their personal items.
No students will be allowed to go up any of the stairwells.
Please help custodians – let them know if trash cans are overflowing. Encourage students to clean up after themselves.
End of dance – help usher kids out and escort them to the parent’s car. This will greatly help to keep traffic moving.


To Do: please walk around inside the cafeteria and assure that kids are behaving appropriately. There should be chaperones on both sides and in the back of the room. Kids should not be pushing, but should be having fun. Feel free to walk around and enjoy the music!
Clean up: please take a minute at the end of the dance to help clean up the cafeteria and take down some of the décor. All reusable items can be put on the stage for us to package and store.
Items NOT allowed in the cafeteria – *cell phones, any photos (except those volunteers with name tags), food or drink.
Doors: a volunteer needs to be stationed at each cafeteria door to try to make sure no phones or drink go into the cafeteria

 *Cell phones are NOT allowed in the cafeteria. (reason: several students were taking photos of classmates dancing and posting them. Parents were concerned for safety and privacy matters.)


EVENT PHOTOS, 3:45 – 6pm

Photos should only be taken by the PTA Historian and designated volunteers. The Historian will contact you with specific instruction.


TRAFFIC HELP, 5:30 – 6:15pm

The Assistant Principal will help volunteers wave the cars in the right direction so the traffic can move in and out as soon as possible. Traffic will be heavy but directional signs will be posted and neon vests will be available for volunteers. Help the kids to find their parent’s car to keep traffic moving. 



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